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About Us

GEMS is an exclusive worldwide community of permanent education on Electrosmog research, case studies, review of products, protocols, assessments, and diagnosis systems. You'll also know more about the implementation and usage of the SPIRO® material as an Electrosmog (EMF) Protection system and as a tool to enhance mental health, wellbeing, unique water coherence, food preservation, green agriculture, bioconstruction, better connectivity, and energy optimization.

GEMS is a community that also seeks to promote health, well-being, and the improvement of technologies for a better future.

Why should you join GEMS?

GEMS is a growing community that seeks to become the leading space for people to be objectively informed about Electrosmog, its effects, and measures to control it. 

This community is fueled by constant relevant and science-based information about Electrosmog, as well as complete educational programs, workshops, seminars, and debates you would not want to miss. 

In this community, you'll find experts, specialists in different disciplines, and common people who are interested in learning more about these topics.

Who's behind GEMS?

GEMS is a worldwide community made by experts in various disciplines of knowledge, such as sciences, health, nutrition, biology, architecture, bioconstruction, engineering, and many more people who seek to constantly learn and educate about electromagnetism, its effects, and how to control it.

GEMS was initially launched and founded by Inv. J. Joaquín Machado, an experienced EMF Researcher and specialist in Electrosmog and interference control for telecommunications and power lines. As an inventor, Joaquín developed several patents in Nanotechnology to produce a new approach to handle electromagnetic interferences —especially the ones related to VHF/EHF microwaves radiation from technologies— in a way that people can co-exist with them. 

Joaquín believes that the co-existence with electromagnetic waves is the future of Electrosmog control from the residential to the military level. The realistic and feasible approach will be filtering solutions. That’s why he founded NOXTAK and created the Spin Radiation Organizer Technology (SPIRO®). 

Based on this ideal and many years of experience, GEMS was born as an open space for experts and non-experts to start conversations about electromagnetism, get and share scientific knowledge,  discuss topics around electromagnetism and wellness, and collaborate in future projects related to electrosmog control.